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Susan Wallace is well-established as a leading full-time, freelance feature writer in the British Press. Her expertise is providing beautifully written features for super-circulation women’s weeklies, national women's monthly magazines, national and top regional newspapers and major women's websites.

Liverpool-based, Susan is bursting with sparkling ideas, well-honed skills and contacts – syndicating Worldwide. Her journalistic specialities include originally-sourced and exclusive features on real-life, relationships, women's issues, tv/showbiz, celebrity, psychology, health, work/business, offbeat/lifestyle, gambling (a former croupier) and much more - including sassy psychology quizzes using her psychology degree with honours. A published poet, she also provides award-winning advertising editorial and copywriting with artistic or humorous flair – and copy-editing for final draft novel manuscripts.

She is very happy to be approached by editors seeking to commission and by members of the public requiring her editing services or with a previously untold true story they may like to share for publication and payment.

Professionals: Please see Susan Wallace's journalistic portfolio on the NUJ website at: http://www.freelancedirectory.org/user.php?name=Susan.Wallace.

Members of the public: Please see www.storieswanted.com or use the following contacts – not forgetting to supply an email and phone number please.

Susan Wallace BA (Hons.), MA,
Freelance Writer & Journalist NUJ,
PO Box 95,
L17 8WY,
TEL/FAX: +44 (0)844 330 8023
MOBILE: 07801 055556